Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

1. Can you set up a custom plastic bag manufacturing programme to match my company’s unique requirements?

Yes. We manufacture bags to accommodate customers’ specification which includes the design, bag thickness and custom sizes required.

2. How can I get the best value plastic bags for my needs?

By ensuring that you buy all your plastic bags from us. All our products undergo stringent testing to ensure the best quality before being released into the market.

3. How do I contact the Customer Service Department?

You may contact us through our Contact Us page via email, phone, or snail mail.

4. Who should I contact to arrange for an appointment?

You may write to us at [email protected] or call +607-520 5308 by stating your preferred date, time, and venue for the appointment. We will try our very best to accommodate your preference.

5. How are printed plastic bags produced?

Our printed plastic bags are custom made according to your needs and specifications. You can choose the size, material and type of bag you are looking for. The bag is first manufactured, printed and then cut into bags. Please note that we do not print on bags that are already made.

6. Do you provide samples?

Yes, we are able to provide you with a printed bag sample that is similar to the bag you will be ordering. Please give us a call to request for a sample. Samples will be sent to you at no charge.

7. What is the process involved in manufacturing plastic bags?

Do not worry if you have insufficient information, as we can offer you suggestions according to our experiences and your industry requirements.