Order & Payment FAQs

Analysing Quotation Information

1. What determines the cost of my bag?

Several variables determine the cost of plastic bag. The amount of bags you order greatly affects the cost per bag. By increasing the number of bags purchased, you decrease the cost per bag significantly as compared to a minimum order quantity. Adding ink colours increases the cost. Other factors that affect the cost are the material of plastic bags, its thickness and the handle type.

2. Why is there an overrun or underrun to be expected?

All plastic bag orders are subject to industry standard of overrunning/underrunning. This is because we custom manufacture your plastic and then cut it into bags. At the beginning of the process the amount of bags that are printed is determined by total weight of the order and will not be exact. Variations are billed accordingly.

3. What is a printing cylinder/block, and how do I determine how many I need?

Printing cylinders/blocks are plates that are used in printing of your bag. You will need 1 block for every colour you print. For example, a bag with 1 colour, double sides will need 2 blocks. For 2 colours, double sides, 4 blocks will be needed.

4. How long does it take to manufacture plastic bags?

For most printed plastic bags, the lead time is 6–8 weeks after the approval of artwork, by which 3–4 weeks are utilised for the production of printing cylinder (block). On the other hand, the production of plain plastic bags usually takes 4–5 weeks. Shipping transit time is not included in this estimate. In some instances, rush jobs can be accommodated provided that our production capability fits the requirements. These are only estimates as there are many variables to be taken into account in the manufacturing process.

Confirming The Manufacturing Job

1. When I am happy with the particulars/details provided on the quotation, what should I do next?

You can either write to us to issue an Order Confirmation or you can directly issue us a Purchase Order, depending on your convenience and the procurement practice of your esteemed company. Then you may need to arrange for the deposit payment, if applicable.

Domestic/International Delivery

1. How are plastic bags packaged?

All bags are bulk packed in corrugated cartons or bags that best accommodate you bag size, gauge and style ordered.

2. Can I have an order shipped to my P.O. box?

No. A valid street address with valid contact number is needed to ensure proper delivery both within and outside Malaysia.

3. Can I ship outside Malaysia?

Yes. For international customers outside Malaysia, we deploy logistics companies to handle the logistics of shipping your order to over 200 countries worldwide. We will source for the logistics company that offers the most affordable price yet guaranteeing on-time delivery. Shipping costs as well as duties and taxes of your shipment will be included in the quotation for international shipment.

4. How are shipping charges calculated?

All products are shipped by logistics companies and shipping charges vary according to product weight and destination.

5. How much does shipping cost?

We ship your products through established logistics companies and many other common less than truckload (LTL) carriers for different orders. We aggressively bundle small packages with strapping and shrink wrap to both protect the product and to save you money on freight. Small package freight is calculated based on the carriers discounted shipping rates.


1. What methods of payment can I use?

We accept payment via cash, bank transfer, and cheque issuance.

2. Why was I charged taxes on my purchase?

The appropriate taxes are applied to any item if we conduct business in the country/state where the item is being shipped.


1. For reorders, do I have to pay setup charges?

Unless the initial artwork changes, all artwork and printing block charges are one time fees.